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Why Choose ARDO?

At ARDO we are passionate about breastfeeding, breast milk and supporting expressing mums.






We are WHO (World Health Organisation) Code Compliant

ARDO is in compliance with the WHO Code and strongly promotes breastfeeding.

ARDO is your responsible partner when working with the WHO International Code. As producers of breastfeeding aids, we support the practice of breastfeeding with products of highest quality and functionality. Our nursing aids offer solutions to breastfeeding difficulties, and treat this natural process in a holistic and effective manner. Thus, compliance with the WHO Code is of the utmost importance to us.


What does the WHO Code Include?

The WHO Code on the marketing of mother's milk substitutes protects and supports breastfeeding. The Code determines how mother's milk substitutes may be marketed without endangering the practice of breastfeeding. The International Code makes reference to each product which is marketed as a partial or total replacement for mother’s milk, including feeding bottles and teats. The Code does not ban the sale of such products but rather defines marketing methods and the way in which businesses operate. (International Code: Article 2). The intention is, amongst other things, to suppress advertising or other forms of merchandising to the general public (Article 5.1).


What does the WHO Code mean for ARDO?

Taking into account the fact that teats and feeding bottles may have a negative effect on the duration of breast feeding; ARDO does not offer or supply feeding bottles. Currently the subject of the WHO Code on mother’s milk substitutes is under intense discussion amongst experts in the field, in conjunction with producers of breastfeeding products. We wish to declare unequivocally – as a matter of company policy - that ARDO is completely committed to observing absolutely each and every WHO Code.






All ARDO breast pumps have a Closed System (VaccuSeal Technology) 


The silicone membrane pot integrated into the PumpSet is at the heart of our “VacuuSeal” technology.


This technology ensures that there is a total barrier between the breastmilk and any pathogenic agents. “VacuuSeal” guarantees protection of the breast, breast milk and the pump against contamination. Components such as the silicone tubing do not have to be boiled/sterilised before use.


There is no danger of cross contamination, even when ARDO breast pumps are being used by several mothers, for example if they are being used in hospitals.



Created for YOU



A good product adapts to you. Every mother is individual, every mother has different personal needs.


That’s why our philosophy of always giving you the maximum in individuality, stands behind every ARDO product.


This means that you can:

  • always select the individual breast shell which suits you best, depending on the changing size and shape of your breasts and nipples while you are breastfeeding
  • use the electric ARDO Calypso breastpump as either a single- or double-pump
  • use the manual, ergonomically designed ARDO Amaryll breastpump, which suits right- and left-handed (righties and lefties) equally
  • express your precious breast milk directly into an ARDO EasyFreeze Bag. After expressing, store the breast milk or freeze it in the EasyFreeze Bag
  • convert your PumpSet into an ARDO Amaryll manual breast pump simply and cost-effectively, with the ARDO KombiKit
  • use the ARDO PumpSet Kit to convert your ARDO Amaryll manual breast pump into an ARDO PumpSet for (one of) the ARDO electronic breastpumps


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