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Agent Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct:


(In this Code “Pump Agents” includes any Representatives of the Organisations which have entered into an agreement with Ardo medical Limited)



  1. To encourage and support mothers who wish to breastfeed their babies;
  2. To create in parents an interest in breastfeeding;
  3. To be aware of the World Health Organisation Code on Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and to support its aims.


  1. Prospective Pump Agents are encouraged to contact an existing Pump Agent from any of the Organisations involved. Pump Agents agree that ARDO may communicate their contact details – name & telephone number – in the interest of promoting and supporting Breastfeeding only.



  1. Pump Agents are encouraged to meet on a regular basis, regardless of which Organisation they belong to.



  1. A Pump Agent shall hire out the Pumps agreed in the contract between their Organisation and Ardo medical Ltd.



  1. Pump Agents or their branches or groups are actively discouraged from owning any Breastpumps for loan.



  1. Pump Agents shall ensure that each mother has her own personal collection set, to avoid any possibility of cross-infection and which the Agent shall sell on behalf of Ardo Medical Ltd.



  1. Pump Agents shall use their best endeavours to keep and hire out Pumps under hygienic conditions.



7.    Pump Agents shall use the best of their endeavours to ensure the Pump’s safe-keeping and that they are kept in good repair and working order and are properly maintained according to guidelines. Any defect or breakdown shall be forthwith notified to Ardo medical Ltd.



8.   Ownership of the Pumps shall at all times remain with Ardo medical Ltd and the Pumps shall be loaned to the Pump Agents who shall not acquire any other rights, title or interest in them.



9.   Pump Agents shall make every effort to make themselves and the service known to SCBU’s Maternity Units, Health Visitors, Health Centres, Community Midwives, etc.



  1. Pump Agents shall make no alteration to the Pumps without the prior agreement of Ardo medical Ltd.



  1. Pump Agents should remember that, because of the vulnerability of babies and new parents, the Agent should maintain high standards of household and personal hygiene.



  1. Pump Agents should attempt to attend a Study Day when being held in their area or in conjunction with a conference/exhibition organised by their respective Association.  Ardo medical commits to provide training on the use of the breastpumps and stationery either personally by one of their hospital specialists or during Study Days within 3 months of the Agent becoming active.


  1. Pump Agents shall not sell, transfer, lease, mortgage, change, part with possession or otherwise dispose of a pump other than to a mother or to any Pump Agent or to Ardo medical Ltd.



  1. Pump Agents shall complete an Annual Return and Stock Form each year and return these to Ardo medical Ltd

promptly. In the event of a discrepancy between the Stock Form and the Stock supplied, the Agent shall be liable to pay Ardo medical Ltd the value of the unaccounted Stock. The return of the stock return is a contractual obligation and failure to do so  can result in the agent being reviewed.



  1. Pump Agents shall be available to parents, at all reasonable times, which may include evenings, weekends and holidays.



16.  In the event of a complaint against a Pump Agent, the Agent’s Organisation will investigate and report the outcome to Ardo medical Ltd.



17.  Pump Agents are encouraged to attend the local support group for counsellors or leaders and local tutorials.



18.  All Pump agents must be national members of their respective Organisations who shall ensure that their members benefit from the public liability insurance that each Organisation holds, at a minimum value of £1,000,000.



19.  Pump Agents who are not qualified to do so may not give specific breastfeeding information, but must refer mothers to a person so qualified. They can, however, give information on how to use the Pump.



20.  Pump Agents should try to verify the identity of the hirer by comparing the address given with that on an income allowance book, driving license etc.



21.  In line with currently accepted practice, Agents are expected to write down the cheque card number on the reverse side of the cheque.



22.  The Pump Agent shall hire out the Pumps at the prices as agreed with Ardo medical Ltd and the Agent’s Organisation and shall collect all monies due from a Customer, promptly and in any event within 14 days from the date on which the Pump is returned by the Customer.



23.  The Pump Agent shall be paid expenses for each Customer, the level of such expenses being agreed between Ardo medical Ltd and the Organisations.



24.  The Pump Agent shall be obliged to pay all monies paid for the hire of the Pumps and for the sale of the personal collection sets referred to in Clause 5 hereof to Ardo medical Ltd direct without deduction, within 14 days of receiving the monies from the Customer. With all such payments, the Pump Agent shall include a statement of monies received and expenses paid.



25.  Any Agent who ceases to be a member of the approved Organisation must notify Ardo medical Ltd in writing and return all the Pumps and personal collection sets in his/her possession to Ardo medical Ltd in good repair and condition. Such Agents shall notify his/her former Organisation of all Pumps currently on hire and supply the Organisation with relevant details to enable the Organisation to provide an alternative Pump Agent. The Agent shall also pay all monies due to Ardo medical Ltd within 7 days of ceasing to be a member of such Organisation.



26.  Pump Agents shall use the best of their endeavours to recover Pumps hired to Customers and any Customer who does not return a Pump to the Agent upon request shall be reported to Ardo medical Ltd and to the Agent’s Organisation. The Agent shall give its Organisation and Ardo medical Ltd every assistance in their attempt to recover such Pump from the former Customer.



27. Any Agent who needs further supply of ARDO Pumps (for the purpose of hiring Pumps out) shall contact Ardo medical Ltd direct to obtain such supply and shall provide a written statement giving details of the present whereabouts of all Pumps. Ardo medical Ltd shall not, however, be obliged to provide the Pump if it decides not to.



28. Upon the supply of further Pumps, the Agent shall be obliged to exercise all usual duties under this Code of Conduct.


29.Where the Agent fails to exercise his/her duties or is in breach of a duty under this Code of Conduct, Ardo medical Ltd shall be entitled to request a written explanation and may further request that the Agent’s Organisation make all necessary efforts to ensure that this Code of Conduct is adhered to. Furthermore, without prejudice to any other remedy, Ardo medical Ltd may at any time by notice in writing terminate its association with a Pump Agent and upon the expiry of such notice, the provisions of Clause 26 of this Code shall apply and Clause 27 shall remain in full force and effect not withstanding such termination.



30. Pump Agents shall promptly notify Ardo medical Ltd of any complaint or enquiry concerning the Pumps which they receive.

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