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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions you might ask about using and caring for our breast pumps.

If the answer to your question isn't here please email us this can then be included in our FAQ’s to help other mums. 



How do I choose the right breastpump?


There are two kinds of pumps to choose from, a manual or electric breastpump. For occasional use, the Amaryll manual pump can be used. For frequent expressing, the Calypso electric breast pump is recommended. For exclusive expressing it would make sense to hire the Elite hospital grade electric breastpump. The Calypso can be used as either single or double pump.



How do I use a breastpump?


When babies start to breastfeed they suckle with rapid sucking motions and low suction, this causes the milk by the stimulating let down.  This effect is replicated by a breastpump by starting with a higher cycle level and lower vacuum.  When let down occurs, reduce the cycles and strengthen the vacuum until you find the most comfortable level for you. 


If you are not attaining let down this can be encouraged by either; massaging your breasts, applying a warm flannel to your breasts, or using a photo or video of your baby which all help stimulate the milk ejection reflex.  



What is the let-down reflex?


When you breast-feed, your baby's sucking stimulates nerves in your nipple. These nerves carry a message to your brain, and a hormone, called oxytocin, is released. Oxytocin flows through your bloodstream to your breasts, where it causes tiny muscle cells around your milk glands to squeeze milk out of the glands and into the milk ducts. This is known as the let-down reflex or the milk ejection reflex.



How does my breastpump get delivered?


Your breastpump can be collected from your Agent. Contact your agent for the address.



How do I return my hired breast pump?


When you wish to return the breastpump please contact your Agent, a minimum of 2 days before the end of hire, to arrange to drop off your pump.  The pump, the electric cable and the storage box are the only items that need to be returned, the bottles and tubing that connect to the pump are personal items and are retained by you. 



What do I do if there is low or no suction on the electric breastpumps?


A series of troubleshooting checks are the best way to determine if there is a problem:

1.    Is the tube connector closed off if you are single pumping?

2.    Is the membrane under the pumpset lid going up and down and not caught in the lid?

3.    Is the pumpset lid fitted correctly and not loose?

4.    Is the tube free of any kinks?

5.    Is the lip valve connected to the breast shell ripped or torn?

If you have carried out all the checks and still need help please contact ARDO on 01823 336362



How do I clean a PumpSet?


Only the parts that come into contact with your milk need cleaning. Therefore, the tubing with the connector, the lid, and the pump casing can be kept clean with a disinfectant wipe after use.

There are four options:

1.    Use ARDO Easy Clean Microwave Bags for fast and convenient cleaning  at home or out and about.

2.    Electric or Microwave Steam sterilisers  - using the manufacturer's instructions.

3.    Immersion in a pan of boiling water for 10 minutes.

4.    Cold water sterilisation - according to the instructions on the sterilising fluid/tablets.



What materials are your bottles made from?



ARDO offers BPA free plastic bottles as well as glass bottles.  The 130ml plastic bottles are manufactured exclusively from material free from Bisphenol A (BPA).  The 150ml glass bottles are an eco-friendly alternative 150ml.  Both bottles fit all breastshells, the Kombitkit and the Amaryll Manual Breastpump.



How do I choose the correct size BreastShell?


ARDO provides a 26mm Breast Shell as standard with the PumpSets, which suits the majority of women, however, sizes 22m, 28mm, 31mm and 36mm are available.


It is difficult to determine the correct size of BreastShell without watching you expressing, however, it is correct if:  the nipple moves freely in the funnel; follows the rhythmic movements of the pump; no part, or very little, of the areola is in the funnel; the breast milk flows; the breast feels uniformly soft after expression.


A BreastShell that does not fit correctly can prevent efficient expressing and cause pain and sore nipples. Contact us if you need further advice. 



How many times a day do I need to express?


If you're building up a milk supply because your baby is unable to breastfeed direct, you'll need to express at least eight times in 24 hours, including at least once in the night. The more often you express the more milk you will produce. Frequent, shorter sessions, no more than 20 minutes, seem more effective than longer less frequent ones.



Will I produce enough breast milk?


The weight gain of your child determines if you have enough milk or not.

If your baby gains 120-140g per week you have enough milk. It is possible for your milk supply to be limited for a number of days if, for example, you are overtired or your child is going through a growth spurt. More feeding or expressing, more frequent change of sides, enough rest, balanced nutrition and additional measures such as massage can stimulate milk production, and within 2 to 3 days, the milk supply will have adjusted to the baby’s demands.

It is absolutely normal that after some weeks, your breasts don‘t feel as full as they used to - this has nothing to do with the quantity of milk produced.

However, if your baby does not gain enough weight and, during the first four weeks, does not have at least one bowel movement a day and does not wet nappies six times a day, do not hesitate to contact a breastfeeding specialist.

The NCT offer advice on breastfeeding and milk supply contact them on 0300 330 0700 to talk to a qualified breastfeeding counsellor – open daily from 8am - 10pm or check out their information online here



What is the KombiKit?


The Kombikit is an ingenious cost effective kit as it converts any ARDO pumpset into an Amaryll hand pump.  It is handy to keep in your changing bag if you need to express breast milk on the go; if you have a power cut or have no access to electricity.  If you have bought a Calypso or hired a Carum you will already have the pumpsets so for a cost £9.95 you have a manual breast pump.



How do I store breast milk?


You can express directly into the specially designed ARDO 180ml Easy Freeze Bags.  The bags are made out of premium-quality materials, and are double layered to avoid the absorption of external flavours. 


Expressed breast milk can be kept in the refrigerator (4 - 6°C) for three days. In order to stock up, the expressed breast milk can be stored for three months in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator and six months in the deep-freezer at a temperature of at least -20°C.  The specially designed EasyFreeze bags have an integrated temperature indicator so that you can be confident the breast milk is at the correct temperature. 



How do I defrost frozen breast milk?


To thaw the breast milk you can either place overnight in the fridge, run under warm water, or place in a container with warm water. The ARDO Easy Freeze bags have an integrated temperature indicator which lets you know that the breast milk has reached room temperature.   

NB:  Never microwave breast milk as it can change the composition of breast milk.



Why do I need to be a member of a charity or hold public liability insurance to become an agent?


It is vitally important as it protects you from being sued by a hirer, and the charities cover public liability insurance within the membership.   If you are a breastfeeding counsellor; doula; or in private practice; proof of public liability insurance must be provided. 



I want to retire as an agent, what do I do?


Contact ARDO on 01823 336362 who will then organise collection of all equipment, any outstanding payments, stock and stationery



Why can’t I just pass my entire stock onto a new agent when I retire?


No-one can hire out pumps until they have been vetted and trained as they are not insured.  It is vitally important that this does not happen as a new agent must be approved by the charity and hold a current membership.  No pumps should be issued by anyone until this process is carried out.



What do I do if I cannot contact a hirer who has equipment?


Contact ARDO as soon as you are aware there is a problem; please do not wait any longer than a month, as we need to take immediate action to locate the hirer and retrieve the equipment and outstanding payments. 


Breastfeeding and expressing with implants


Many women are choosing to have their breast size enhanced during their child bearing years. This is often best left until after you have had children, although women who have breast implants can breastfeed. While any form of breast surgery carries some risk that ducts and nerves may be damaged, most women with implants have happy and successful breastfeeding experiences.

Some mothers worry that the quality of their milk may be affected by implants. There is no evidence that the material in the implants can harm a baby, even if a leak in the implant packet occurs.

The location of the implant can impact on breastfeeding. When the packets are inserted under the fold of the breast or under the arm, there is less risk of damage to important nerves and milk ducts. Sometimes, implants are inserted at the edge of the areola. There is more risk with this surgical approach that the nerve sensation to the nipple will be damaged. If this happens, both milk supply, and milk release, can be affected.

On rare occasions, a woman gets implants because her breast development was abnormal. She may have too little glandular tissue to bring in a full milk supply. In such a case, her breastfeeding problems are not directly related to the implants, but to the earlier problem. Source

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