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About Us

At Ardo we're passionate about breastfeeding, breast milk and supporting expressing mums.

Ardo is based in Taunton, Somerset and are part of an independent Swiss family firm which operates in 42 countries worldwide.

As an organisation we pride ourselves on being fully compliant with the WHO (World Health Organisation) code. We support the practice of breastfeeding with products of highest quality and functionality. Ardo products offer solutions to breastfeeding difficulties, and treat this natural process in a holistic and effective manner.

Ardo works with healthcare professionals within the hospital environment; our products are used in Maternity and Neonatal units, Milk Banks and Children’s Centres. We actively support and promote breastfeeding working with key influencers like the NCT, ABM and LLL, and hiring breastpumps via a network of volunteer agents throughout the UK.

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